Local Minibus Newcastle - About Us

We are the trailblazing travel firm in the city of Newcastle, and from here, we serve people coming into Newcastle, those going out of the city and people moving from one location to the other in the city.
Right from the time our firm commissioned into action, we have made sure that all the transport services we offer to different clients are of an exceptional standard. We have always believed that whatever that is worth doing is worth doing well.
We also offer Minibus Airport Transfers. So, whenever you are moving from the Newcastle airport to any other part of the city or the other cities nearby, or you are moving back to catch your return flight, your most reliable transport service is the Local and National Minibus Newcastle.

Because we infuse a lot of flexibility in our services, every client is sure to enjoy some right amount of comfort when they hire our minibuses for their movements around this metropolitan borough.
There are many wonderful, modern, beautiful, and strong cars in our fleet, and they are from the best car makers in the world like Ford, Toyota, BMW, Citroen and even Mercedes Benz. They include minibuses that can contain up to 8-10, 10-12, 12-14, and 14 - 16 passengers. We also offer coaches for people travelling in larger groups, and these coaches are as elegant as our minibuses. They can carry from 22 to 49passengers.

When you make use of any of our minibuses, you will gain from our state of the art security logistics and solutions on all angles. We offer the highest amount of comfort available to all travellers through different industry-standard ICT based management techniques. Services are provided by very professional, qualified, cheerful, cordial and courteous staff, right from the man that will take your call, to the driver that will take you to your destination and bring you back. We also make use of tracking devices and automated methods for text messaging to enhance communication.